Sailing by Yannick Anderson

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DIMENSIONS (Height - 76.00 cm X Width - 76.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas
GENRE Seascape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-41042-0151-01
COPYRIGHT © Yannick Anderson


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Artist: Yannick Anderson


Art is where Igo to explore and express myself

Being an emotionally driven person by nature,I usually like to get a sense of the subject I am working with.

I love painting from life that surronds me,its hard to match the thrill of painting En Plein Air.I try to explore a dialogue between abstraction and realism and the "dance"or "tension "between the two.

I want to say something specific about my reaction to a place or a moment in time,to capture the essence but not the whole.My paintings are a journal of ongoing conversation a record of observation and expression of an idea, the life of feeling.

I try to let the passage of time dictate the direction of each piece.I use colour to show my excitment over the process of creativity.

My journey to painting has been a natural progression,allowing me to continue to express myself in an individualistic way;to create a sensory illusion.I am enjoying exploring with different mediums and the challenge is always of taking my art to a new and exciting level.


2012:Diploma of Visual Art Chisholm HD

2009:Life drawing with Goodwin Bradbeer

2008:Contemporay painting with Carole Foster

200:7Painting with Clive Sinclair

2005:Painting with Kay Hopewood McClellend Guild of Artist


2018:Solo show Brightspace Gallery St.Kilda

2018:Peninsula Plein Air Group Exhibiton

2017:Flinders Art Show Mornington Peninsula

2016:Penisula Plein Air Group Exhibition

2016:A Taste of Wine Elgee Park Award Flinders Art Show

2014:Redhill Show Mornigton Peninsula

2013:Visual Narratives Exhibition Oakhill Gallery

2013:Redhill Art Show Mornington Peninsula

2012:Group Show The Cube Frankston

2012:Ron Rado Memorial Acquisitive Prize Exhibition Dandernong

2012:Flinders Art Show Mornington Peninsula

2012:Little Landscape Exhibition Brightspace Gallery St Kilda

2012:Group Show Frankston Art Centre

2011:40x40 group show Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy

2011:Solo Show Meeniyan Gallery

2011:Ron Rada Memorial Prize Dandernong

2011:Little Landscape Exhibition Brightspace Gallery St Kilda

2010:Rosebud Art Show Mornington Peninsula

2010Ron Rado Memorial Prize Dandenong

2009:Flinders Art Show Mornington Peninsula

2009:Oakhill Little Archies Potrature Exhibition Mornington

2008:Oakhill Gallery Members Exhibition Mornington

2008:Flinders Art Show Mornington Peninsula

2008:First Prize Oakhill Gallery Little Archies Portraiture Exhibition Mornington

2007:Flinders Art Show Mornington Peninsula

2007:Ockhill Gallery Members Exhibition Moernington

2007:Peninsula Art Society Spring Exhibition Frankston South

2006:Oakhill Gallery Postcard Show Mornington

2006:Oakhill Gallery Little Archies Portraiture Exhibition Mornington

2006:Flinders Art Show Mornington Peninsula

Curatorial Projects

2018 Solo Show Brightspace Gallery St Kilda

2011:Solo Show Meeniyan Gallery

2013:Visual Narratives Exhibition Oakhill Gallery

2012:Paintings Group Show frankston Art centre