Entry Procedure


Updated: 17 March 2023

ART Red Hill is regarded as the premier art show on the Mornington Peninsula, showcasing artists from both the thriving local art community and from around Australia.

After a pandemic induced hiatus, we are thrilled to be able to welcome the physical show back to our wonderful school grounds. Whilst the decision to move ART Red Hill to a virtual format was made out of necessity, the learnings gained from this have been enormously beneficial.

Following a successful partnership with Gallery 247, we are delighted to once again host an online version that will run concurrently with the physical show offering artists a greater opportunity for sales and visibility to a wider audience.

Before submitting your works to ART Red Hill, please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions carefully. Refunds on entry fees will not be provided if you are unable to meet the terms and conditions following your submission.

Entries must be made online using the Gallery 247 website: https://www.gallery247.com.au/

Things to know

  • Submissions open on Friday 24th of February 2023.
  • Closing date for entries is midnight on Friday 14th of April 2023
  • The show will open on Saturday 6th of May 2023 and will run through until 5pm on Sunday 7th of May 2023.
  • A submission fee will be charged for each artwork submitted for consideration. Entry fees are not refundable and are payable whether or not the work is selected for exhibit.
  • An acceptance fee will not be charged for each artwork accepted to be part of ART Red Hill.
  • A 30% commission is charged on sold work and is payable by Gallery 247 to Red Hill Consolidated School less administration costs.

Categories Available to Submit to

The following categories are available for artists to submit to:

  1. Painting
  2. Painting 30 x 30
  3. Works on Paper
  4. Photography
  5. Glass and Ceramics
  6. Sculpture
  7. Jewellery

Please note that Gallery 247 allow for artists to upload artworks from other categories and mediums such as print and craft, however you will not be able to enter those artworks into ART Red Hill.

There are four steps to complete

STEP 1 – Create a new profile or log into your profile on Gallery 247
STEP 2 – Upload your artwork details & images
STEP 3 – Enter your artwork into ART Red Hill
STEP 4 – Deliver Physical Show Entries & HOLD ONTO Virtual Show Entries

Before you start – you will need to have:

  • Your "Bio" (max. 150 words)
  • Your banking details for artwork sales
  • Your ABN (if applicable)
  • Your artwork details & photo(s) of your work(s)
  • Your credit card details to pay the entry fee

Step 1 > create a profile or log into Gallery 247

If you don’t already have an account with Gallery 247, you will need to register. Gallery 247 is a secure Melbourne-based online service for both artists and art shows. To register, click on the submission link in our website, or visit their website directly at https://www.gallery247.com.au/

Click Register and fill in the form:

Tip 1: Complete all required fields which are indicate with a red asterisk *

Tip 2: "Select Artist" from the drop down list in the Register me as * field

If you already have a profile on Gallery 247 you can skip the above step and just log in to your profile and update your details if necessary.

Add your address:

To enter your postal address details:

  1. Click on the MY PROFILE heading
  2. Enter your postal address into the relevant fields
  3. Click Update My Details when you’re done

Update your GST Category:

You now need to update your GST Category and Direct Deposit details – so we can pay you ASAP when your work sells!

To enter your GST Status & Direct Deposit details:

  1. Click on the MY PROFILE heading

  2. Click on the Bank & Artshow Details (GST) tab

  3. Click on the GST Category dropdown menu and make a selection
  4. Enter your ABN (if applicable)
  5. Then, enter your Name, BSB, Account and Name of Bank in the relevant fields
  6. Click on the Update button when you’re done

Step 2 > Add your artworks to your profile

To add details about your artwork:

  1. Click on the MY ARTWORK heading on your Gallery 247 homepage (it’s below the MY PROFILE heading) PLEASE NOTE: A commission fee of 30% plus GST applies to all sales. Once entries have closed it will not be possible to change the price of your work.

  2. Click on the Add New Painting or Add New 3D Object, Print or Photograph button.

  3. Fill in all of the required fields (marked with *) under Artwork Details Then click Insert Artwork to save.

To add images of your artworks:

Please note that the selection panel will base their decision about your entry into the show based upon the image that you upload. Please make sure that the image is an accurate reflection of the original work, and that it is taken in good lighting.

  1. Click on the MY ARTWORK heading on your Gallery 247 homepage:

  2. Click the EDIT IMAGES button next to a work in your list:

  3. Click on the Choose File button.
  4. Navigate to your image file (2MB max) on your computer and click Choose.
  5. Click Upload Now:

Once you see ‘THANK YOU: Image has been uploaded successfully’, close the pop-up window by clicking the Close Window button:

Repeat this process for your other works. You can add as many artworks as you like
to your Gallery 247 profile.

Step 3 > Enter artworks in ART Red Hill Art Show 2023

  1. Click on the MY ARTWORK heading on your Gallery 247 homepage
  2. Scroll down and click on ART Red Hill 2023
  3. Select which works from your list you wish to enter by clicking on the Check
    Box next to the artwork(s) you wish to submit. Make sure all the works you
    wish to enter are checked before moving to step 4.
  4. Click on the Submit Artwork to Show button to be taken to the Artshow Submission Checkout page where you will pay your entry fee.

    Make your payment

    Your submission entry into ART Red Hill is not confirmed until you have made
    payment by credit card. To make payment by credit card:
    1. Complete the fields in the Payment Details section
    2. Click the checkbox next to ‘Yes, I agree to these conditions of entry’
    3. Click Confirm Artwork Submission to complete the process. Congratulations! You have entered a submission to ART Red Hill 2023 Art Show!

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